1) Competition

The BMW SIM Time Attack is a Hot Stint competition based on Assetto Corsa Competizione simulation software that will select drivers from the top of each event leaderboard to enter the SIM Live 2021.

2) Participation

In order to participate users are required to:

  1. Own Assetto Corsa Competizione (PC platform) on Steam
  2. Own the British GT Pack DLC
  3. Own the GT4 Pack DLC
  4. Register to the leaderboard event at this link
  5. Have a driver profile in game with real Name and Surname
  6. Join the Special Event inside Assetto Corsa Competizione, named “BMW SIM Time Attack”
  7. Save the replay of the Hot Stint session
  8. Save the telemetry of the Hot Stint session

After the conclusion of each Hotstint qualifier, the pole sitter Driver on the leaderboard is required to send the replay and the telemetry files of the corresponding qualifying session to:
Failing to comply will result in the disqualification of the Driver from the event leaderboard. The Organiser reserves the right to select the runner-up driver from the leaderboard as replacement.
In case the Organiser finds out one or more irregularities in the replay file and / or telemetry file sent by a Driver, the Organiser may disqualify or ban the guilty Driver from the event or the entire competition.

3) Territory

The BMW SIM Time Attack will be held online and Drivers from all around the world can register for the competition.

4) Special Event Details

Goal: set the highest amount of laps in the shortest time

  • Car: BMW M4 GT4
  • Tracks: Monza - Snetterton - Barcelona - Spa Francorchamps
  • Daytime: 14:00
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Driving Assists: TC/ABS (No stability control, No ideal line, No automatic gearbox)
  • Setup: LOCKED (transgressors will be eliminated from the leaderboard)

5) Hot Stints Dates & Times (all times are CEST)

  • Monza: from 14 June (09:00) until 27 June (18:00)
  • Snetterton: from 12 July (09:00) until 25 July (18:00)
  • Barcelona: from 6 September (09:00) until 19 September (18:00)
  • Spa Francorchamps: from 4 October (09:00) until 17 October (18:00)

*dates and times may vary in case of technical issues. The system has backup recovery protection.

6) Victory

The pole man of each event leaderboard will be selected (upon confirmation) and
invited to take part in the BMW SIM Live Event.

On hotstint time equality the driver who first recorded the hotstint time on the official leaderboard receives the advantage.

7) Driver Eligibility

A “Driver” is any person who is registered through the official website during the BMW SIM Time Attack. Drivers must be registered before the end of the competition (17 October) in order to record their fastest hot stint session and be eligible to score a valid time. Drivers must meet the following requirements in their entirety to be eligible to compete. Drivers who do not meet these requirements will be deemed ineligible and will be removed from the BMW SIM Time Attack.
The Organiser reserves the right to investigate Driver information when eligibility is in question. Drivers should be prepared to provide a copy of personal identification or other applicable documents to verify that these requirements are met.

7.1 Age
No Driver shall be considered eligible to participate in the BMW SIM Time Attack competition before his or her 18th birthday, defined as having lived 18 full years.

7.2 Hardware & Software Requirements
A Driver is only eligible to participate in the BMW SIM Time Attack if he/she has:

  • A gaming PC provided with Steam
  • Internet connection
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione and all the DLC mentioned in Art.2

7.3 Eligibility & Availability
To be eligible drivers must be able to attend the BMW SIM Live Event.

7.4 Driver Names
Driver Names may not contain any of the following: Obscene or suggestive language, Corporation, company, sponsor, product, or services names KUNOS Simulazioni, 505 Games, BMW SIM Time Attack or any shorthand of the aforementioned BMW derivatives that may cause confusion during gameplay.
The Organiser reserves the right to restrict or change Driver names for any reason.

8) Changing Gamertags

Drivers who attempt to change Gamertags during an active series may not be able to participate in races. It is important that drivers do not change their gamertags during an active event to avoid confusion.